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Healthy Cooking Need Not Mean Eating Bland and Boring Food

The need to eat healthy food should always be uppermost in mind, which means more than simply changing eating habits and involves changing the method of cooking at home. In fact, healthy cooking at home is not just about concocting bland or boring dishes, and can even lead to flavored dishes that mean you can continue to eat well as also feel well with such preparations.

Leaner Meat Cuts

Healthy cooking involves choosing leaner cuts of meat such as low fat chicken and fish, though some other meats can also be chosen that do not contain high amount of fat. You could choose sirloin and round cuts when selecting your red meats and you must also ensure that you check and buy only meat that has low marbling and the fat content should also be trimmed off prior to cooking. You should also choose ground beef that is as much as ninety-five percent lean when moving over to healthy cooking habits.

Also, to get around the problem of lean meat drying out easily, you could include in your healthy cooking some marinade that are more useful than just to flavor the food. In addition, it is also possible for you to add acidic liquids that can easily decompose the connective tissue of the meat. There are many low fat marinades to choose from and you can also prepare it yourself. Marinating for about twenty minutes should be sufficient for average sized meat cuts and yogurt is wonderful for chicken that can be used for eight hours and even left overnight.

You might be thinking that healthy cooking means having to only eat bland vegetables. This is not true as you can sauté your vegetables using tiny quantities of chicken broth and even vegetable broth as a substitute for oil, and also use a few herbs and chopped chives to get the vegetables to have a new as well as zestful taste. Another alternative you can use when healthy cooking is to roast vegetables because root vegetables as well as firm vegetables will turn out much better.

Healthy cooking also does not mean having to do without your dessert since you can always eat fruits as part of wonderful dessert dishes, or even as a side dish to your meal. Mixed berries with a topping of fat free vanilla yogurt will do very well for your taste buds, and keep you healthy as well. Bananas that have been sautéed are another good option for you.

Sure, it is important to live healthy, but with some innovations and changes, your healthy cooking can provide you with a better as well as healthier meal that will not have you hankering for those unhealthy foods that you have been trying so hard to give up.







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